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This list is provided only as a resource.  All questions, comments, issues, and suggestions should be submitted to the appropriate property manager using the contact information on the Contact Us page.
Board Members - Parcel A
President - Vicky Mitchell
     Term Expires 09/2018
Vice-President - Marie Drayer
     Term Expires 09/2019
Secretary - Jan Sherbert
     Term Expires 09/2019
Treasurer - Wayne Cook
     Term Expires 09/2020
Board Member - Mike McKeown
     Term Expires 09/2020

Board Members - Parcel B
President - Richard Frome
      Term Expires: 6/20/2021
Vice-President - TBD
      Term Expires: 
Secretary -  Gwenn Wells
     Term Expires: 6/20/2019
Treasurer - Dave Griffin
     Term Expires 6/20/2020

Board Member - Pat Rigney
     Term Expires 5/20/2021
Board Member - Shawn Pindell
     Term Expires 5/20/2020
Other Personnel
Property Manager - Parcel A - Jennifer Melson, Premier Property Management
Property Manager - Parcel B - Jennifer Fannin, SeaScape Property Mgmt, Inc.