Board Members
This list is provided only as a resource. 
All questions, comments, issues, and suggestions should be submitted to the appropriate property manager
using the contact information on the Contact Us page.
Board Members - Parcel A
President - Marie Drayer
     Term Expires 09/2022
Vice-President - Jim Papa
     Term Expires 09/2024
Secretary - Kate Driscoll
     Term Expires 09/2022
Treasurer - Joe Bonfiglio
     Term Expires 09/2023
Board Member - Peggy Faulborn
      Term Expires 9/2024
Board Member - Edward Dowgin
     Term Expires 09/2024

Board Members - Parcel B
President - Pat Rigney
      Term Expires: 6/20/2021
Secretary -  Joann Cullis
     Term Expires: 6/20/2022
Treasurer - Shawn Pindell
     Term Expires 6/20/2020
Board Member - Gail Gary
     Term Expires 6/20/2023
Board Member - Diane Boretsky
      Term Expires 6/22
Other Personnel
Property Manager - Parcel A - Deborah Miller, Legum & Norman Property Management
Property Manager - Parcel B - Leah Charnock, Premier Property Management